• Abdul Aziz Darussalam Institute for Islamic Studies (IAID), Ciamis, Jawa Barat, INDONESIA
Keywords: Memorizing the Qur’an, logic models, bilingual class


This evaluative study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of memorizing the Qur’an at Bilingual Classes Program of MTs Al-Fadliliyah Darussalam Ciamis, West Java. The evaluation model used is the logic model of the stages of context, inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes (Short-term and long-term). The present study indicates that: (1) the context stage including formal basis and need analysis belongs to very good category; (2) the input stage including recruitment of students, financial support, parental participation, infrastructure, mentor of memorizing, and the curriculum aspects is considered very good, however, on the aspect of recruitment of the students, there are 8% of students who were accepted although they did not meet the entry requirements; (3) the stage of activities including schedule, time alocation, student activity, performance of mentors, and memorization process, generally belongs to very good category, except for performance of mentors which is categorized good with the score of ≥ 71.3, and time allocation is categorized less because it only has one period per week; (4) the output stage, namely target attainment belongs to good category, since only 62% of students who were able to attain the target of memorization of the Qur’an. Besides, Aspect of students’ performance in reading the Qur’anan is in the excellent category with a mean score of ≥ 80; and (5) the stages of short-term outcomes on aspects of student performance is categorized enough, because there are 54% of students who continue their study to schools or madrasahs which have the same program, while in the stages of long-term outcomes, there are 62% of students who are able to utilize the results of memorization of the Qur’an.

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