Review of God's creation story and its impact on mankind

  • Kingsley Kodom Radford University College, Accra
  • J. O. Yeboah Department of Applied Science, Radford University College, Accra, Ghana
Keywords: Creation, God, Manking, Genesis, Bible


The Bible as the foundation of the Christian faith, consists of creation accounts which Christians believe answers the question of the origin or beginning and the end of mankind. Moreover, the Christian scriptures also consider the book of Genesis to be the foundation of the entire Bible of which a monotheistic God is considered the creator of the entire universe and its content. For the purpose of this study and according to the book of Genesis chapters 1 and 2, two different creation accounts have been identified. For the first creation account, a creator deity called “God” systematically created everything, including mankind, according to days, which lasted for seven days in total. However, on the seventh day, nothing was made, it was considered a day of rest for this creator. In the second creation story, the creator deity was called the “Lord God" whose creation, unlike the first, was not done according to any day to day structure. Critical and sincere questions can, however, be raised with regards to both creation stories when discussed dispassionately, independently, or dependently.


• The English translation of the Hebrew Bible- The Tanak (Old Testament) portion of the HRV - a revision of the JPS 1917 version. Directly translated from the Hebrew and Aramaic.
• The King James Version (KJV-English), 1987.
• The NIV The New International Version is an English translation of the Bible, 2011 by Biblica
• The New Living Translation (NLT) Bible - English translation, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation
• The international standard, ISO 8601
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