International Journal of Social Sciences Research | IJSSR |  Vol. 5, No. 1, 2017

Methods and Challenges of Analyzing Spatial Data for Social Work Problems: The Case of Examining Child Maltreatment Geographically | Bridget Freisthler, PhD; Bridgette Lery, PhD; Paul J. Gruenewald, PhD; Julian Chow, PhD | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Income Class and the Accumulation of Net Worth in the United States | Martha N. Ozawa, PhD, ACSW; Jeounghee Kim, MSW; Myungkook Joo, MSW | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Comparing Psychiatric Service Use among Low-Income Women and Women in a General Household Population | Daniel Rosen, PhD, MSW; Lynn A. Warner, PhD, MSW; Richard M. Tolman, PhD, MSW | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Adolescent Runaway Episodes: Application of an Estrangement Model of Recidivism | Sanna J. Thompson, PhD; David E. Pollio, PhD | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Science, Social Work, Prevention: Finding the Intersections | J. David Hawkins, PhD | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Early Intervention and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention: Evidence from the Chicago Longitudinal Study | Emily A. Mann, PhD, MSSW; Arthur J. Reynolds, PhD | pdf.ico Full text pdf

The Content and Process of Mother—Adolescent Communication about Sex in Latino Families | Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, PhD; Patricia Dittus, PhD; James Jaccard, PhD; Vincent Goldberg, MA; Eileen Casillas | pdf.ico Full text pdf