International Journal of Religious Studies | IJSR | Vol. 5, No. 1, 2017 |

Toward an Alternative Evolutionary Theory of Religion: Looking Past Computational Evolutionary Psychology to a Wider Field of Possibilities | Nathaniel F. Barrett | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Curses Left and Right: Hate Speech and Biblical Tradition | Brian M. Britt | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Dianomy: Understanding Religious Women’s Moral Agency as Creative Conformity | Elizabeth M. Bucar | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Allegories of Progress: Industrial Religion in the United States | Richard J. Callahan, Jr., Kathryn Lofton, and Chad E. Seales | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Persons as Religious Classics: Comparative Ethics and the Theology of Bridge Concepts | David A. Clairmont | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Thinking “Religion”: The Christian Past and Interreligious Future of Religious Studies and Theology | Jenny Daggers | pdf.ico Full text pdf

The Diviner and the Scientist: Revisiting the Question of Alternative Standards of Rationality | Brian Epstein | pdf.ico Full text pdf