International Journal of Economics and Business Research |

Vol. 02 No. 3, 2015 


The Dark Side of Internal Capital Markets: Divisional Rent-Seeking and Inefficient Investment
DAVID S. SCHARFSTEIN and JEREMY C. STEIN | p.1 - 28 | pdf.ico Full-text-pdf

A Theory of Dividends Based on Tax Clienteles |
FRANKLIN ALLEN, ANTONIO E. BERNARDO,  and IVO WELCH | p. 29 - 62 | pdf.ico Full-text-pdf

Total Quality Management as a Tool for Ensuring Customers Loyalty:  Study of Five Selected Banks in Lagos 
OLAORE, G.O | p. 63 - 70 | pdf.ico Full-text-pdf

Information Asymmetry, R&D, and Insider Gains 
DAVID ABOODY and BARUCH LEV | p. 71 - 90 | pdf.ico Full-text-pdf

Competition on the Nasdaq and the Impact of Recent Market Reforms 
JAMES P. WESTON | p. 91 - 120 | pdf.ico Full-text-pdf

Foreign Direct Investment and Growth of the Nigerian Economy: ARDL Bound Testing Approach
HAMISU SADI ALI and IDRIS ISYAKU ABDULLAHI | p. 121 - 132 | pdf.ico Full-text-pdf

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