International Journal of Economics and Business Research | Vol. 02, No. 2, 2015

Industrial Recruitment and Economic Development: A Comparative Analysis of Competing Midwestern States Using Perceptual Mapping | Troy A. Festervand | pp. 1 – 12 |pdf.icoFull-text-pdf

An Exploratory Investigation into Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Their Role in Airport Commerce | Sean Helmkay and Blaise P. Waguespack, Jr. | pp. 13 – 27 |pdf.icoFull-text-pdf

Designing Information System to Optimize the Accuracy-timeliness Tradeoff | Donald P. Ballou and Harold L. Pazer | pp. 29 – 50  |pdf.icoFull-text-pdf

Role of Local Infrastructure Policies and Economic Development Incentive in Metropolitan Interjurisdictional Cooperation | Samuel Nunn | pp. 51 – 66 |pdf.icoFull-text-pdf

Modeling the Profitability of Customer Relationships: Development and Impact of Barclay de Zoete Wedd’s BEATRICE | Nicolas Stuchfield and Bruce W. Weber | pp. 67 – 90 |pdf.icoFull-text-pdf

DEA Multiplier Analytic Center Sensitivity with an Illustrative Application to Independent Oil Companies | R.G. Thompson, P.S. Dharmapala, J. Diaz, M.D. Gonzales-Lima, and R.M. Trall | pp. 91 – 105 |pdf.icoFull-text-pdf