International Journal of Economics and Business Research | Vol. 04 No. 1, 2017

The Landscape of Urban Influence on U.S. County Job Growth | Mark D. Partridge; Dan S. Rickman; Kamar Ali; M. Rose Olfert | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Faces of Suburbanization: Residential Location Choice at the Urban Fringe | Caroline Cunningham; Molly Espey; Lawrence R. Gering; Katherine H. King; Huiyan Lin | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Employment Growth and the Allocation of New Jobs: Spatial Spillovers of Economic and Fiscal Impacts | Mitch Renkow | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Wealth as Welfare: Are Wealth Thresholds behind Persistent Poverty? | David R. Just; Hope C. Michelson | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Persistent Rural Poverty: Is It Simply Remoteness and Scale? | Mark D. Partridge; Dan S. Rickman | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Education's Effect on Poverty: The Role of Migration | Bruce Weber; Alexander Marre; Monica Fisher; Robert Gibbs; John Cromartie | pdf.ico Full text pdf

The Productivity Argument for Investing in Young Children | James J. Heckman; Dimitriy V. Masterovpdf.ico Full text pdf