International Journal of Social Sciences Research (IJSSR)

Volume 3(1) 2015

  • Inter-racial Marriages in the Culture of the Betawi-Indonesia: Ethnographic-Phenomenology Study  (Tomi Saputra, Liliana Suparti, and Dana Adelia)
  • Threats of Violence Against Minorities in the Province of Abha Saudi Arabia (Ibrahim Abdul Salam)
  • Forensic Psychology Disclosure Role in Crimes Against Children: Experience in Jakarta Indonesia (Jaka Arifin)
  • The Upheaval of the Civil Society Against the Ruler Strength: Anti-Corruption Commissioner Prosecuting Cases by Police Officials (Jeri Maulana and Andri Salahudin)
  • The development of the Middle Class and Their Impact on the Consumption of Luxury Goods in Abija Nigeria (Adeola Fayemi)