FSSH Scholarly Journal is the international voice and public policy advocate for international scholars and inquirers in the social sciences and humanities.

FSSH Scholarly Journal is an international membership organization that promotes and supports critically informed and theoretically engaged on social science and humanities research. We are committed to generating, supporting and distributing social science and humanities scholarship, promoting dialogue and networking within our disciplines and between them and the larger scientific community, and training emerging social science and humanities scholars in academic and non-academic settings.

FSSH Scholarly Journals regular activities include: 

  • the conduct of biennial general conferences and the publication of conference papers and proceedings
  • the conduct of collaborative research programs on specific problems of common interest
  • the assessment of trends in social science and humanities research and teaching, and
  • informing members, stakeholders, and the broader social science and humanities community of impacting the research community, positively or negatively.


In advancing equity, diversity, knowledge, excellence and innovation, the Federation for the Social Sciences and Humanities contributes tangibly to a free and democratic society.


The Federation for the Social Sciences and Humanities promotes research, scholarship, creative activity and learning, and works to foster understanding of the contributions made by the humanities and the social sciences to the world.

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