International Journal of Religious Studies | IJSR | Vol. 4, No. 2, 2016 |

Allegories of Progress: Industrial Religion in the United States | Richard J. Callahan,, Jr.; Kathryn Lofton; Chad E. Sealespdf.ico Full text pdf

“The Salem Witch Mania”: Recent Scholarship and American History Textbooks | Benjamin C. Raypdf.ico Full text pdf

The Ethics of Difference in the Zhuangzi | Yong Huangpdf.ico Full text pdf

Reconfiguring the “Genuinely” Religious Film: The Oral Contours of the Overabundant Epic | Sheila J. Nayarpdf.ico Full text pdf

Everywhere and Nowhere: Recent Trends in American Religious History and Historiography | Kevin M. Schultz; Paul Harveypdf.ico Full text pdf

A Poetics of Comparison: Euripides, Zhuangzi, and the Human Poise of Imaginative Construction | Jennifer R. Rapp | pdf.ico Full text pdf

The Female Martyr and the Politics of Death: An Examination of the Martyr Discourses of Vibia Perpetua and Wafa Idris | Shannon Dunnpdf.ico Full text pdf

Comparison and the Ubiquity of Resemblance | David Decosimopdf.ico Full text pdf