International Journal of Social Sciences Research | IJSSR |  Vol. 4, No. 2, 2016

Mustaches and Masculine Codes in Early Twentieth-Century America | Christopher Oldstone-Moore | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Censorship in Inter-War Britain: Obscenity, Spectacle, and the Workings of the Liberal State | Lisa Z. Sigel | pdf.ico Full text pdf

“Habits of Employees”: Smoking, Spies, and Shopfloor Culture at Hammermill Paper Company | Gregory Wood | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Icons and Private Devotion Among Eighteenth-Century Moscow Townsfolk | Daniel H. Kaiser | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Reading the Power of Printed Orality in Afghanistan: Popular Pashto Literature as Historical Evidence and Public Intervention | James Caron | pdf.ico Full text pdf

From Young People to Young Citizens: The Emergence of a Revolutionary Youth in France | Nicolas Déplanche | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Family Matters: The Emigration of Elderly Jews from Vienna to the United States | Melissa Jane Taylor | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Darwinian Evolution and Social History | John Hendrix Hinshaw | pdf.ico Full text pdf