International Journal of Economics and Business Research | Vol. 03 No. 2, 2016

Impacts of Policy Reforms on the Supply of Mexican Labor to U.S. Farms: New Evidence from Mexico | Stephen R. Boucher; Aaron Smith; J. Edward Taylor; Antonio Yúnez-Naude | pdf.ico Full text pdf

An Analysis of Regional Economic Growth in the U.S. Midwest | Daniel C. Monchuk; John A. Miranowski; Dermot J. Hayes; Bruce A. Babcock | pdf.ico Full text pdf

An Evaluation of California's Mandated Commodity Promotion Programs | Julian M. Alston; John M. Crespi; Harry M. Kaiser; Richard J. Sexton | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Supply Response under Risk: Implications for Counter-Cyclical Payments' Production Impact | William Lin; Robert Dismukes | pdf.ico Full text pdf

The Environmental Impact of European Farming: How Legitimate Are Agri-Environmental Payments? | Thilo W. Glebe | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Is Environmentally Friendly Agriculture Less Profitable for Farmers? Evidence on Integrated Pest Management in Bangladesh | Susmita Dasgupta; Craig Meisner; David Wheeler | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Factors Affecting the Allocation of Trade Promotions in the U.S. Food Distribution System | Miguel I. Gómez; Laoura M. Maratou; David R. Just | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Meeting the Needs of Organic Farmers: Benchmarking Organizational Performance of University Extension | Timothy A. Park; Luanne Lohrpdf.ico Full text pdf