International Journal of Economics and Business Research | Vol. 03 No. 1, 2016

Industrial districts, social cohesion and economic decline in Italy | Paolo Ramazzotti | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Banks, regional development disparity and growth: evidence from Turkey | Zeynep Önder; Süheyla Özyıldırım | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Is cumulative growth in manufacturing productivity slowing down in the EU12 regions? | Stilianos Alexiadis; Dimitrios Tsagdis | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Real exchange rate and elasticity of labour supply in a balance-of-payments-constrained macrodynamics | Gabriel Porcile; Gilberto Tadeu Lima | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Critical realism and Russian economics | Soltan Dzarasov | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Board structure and executive pay: evidence from the UK | Paul M. Guest | pdf.ico Full text pdf

The dynamics of intensive cultivation | Christian Bidard | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Feminist and post-Keynesian economics: challenges and opportunities | Siobhan Austen; Therese Jefferson | pdf.ico Full text pdf

Post-Keynesianism meets feminist economics | Irene van Staverenpdf.ico Full text pdf